Tahiti Joe's Tropi-Garlic

After inventing his delicious Polynesian Hot Sauce, Tahiti Joe wanted to make another gourmet hot sauce that his vahine would enjoy. After a wild, passionate weekend in the islands with his vahine (who else?), he thought, “Yow!” She’s not only hot-blooded, she’s also half-italian. With that in mind, Tahiti Joe created a tropical-style Garlic Hot Sauce his vahine would crave. Now, Tahiti Joe’s Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce has become the # 1 garlic hot sauce on the market. P.S. Tahiti Joe and his kauhines (sisters) dedicate Tropi-Garlic to our Makuna Kane (father) because he’s our Big Kahuna and it’s his favorite!


Additional information

Pepper Type

Habanero, Jalapeño


Tahiti Joe's


United States



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