Tahiti Joe's Kumawanakilya

When Tahiti Joe got started in the hot sauce biz, his Makua Kane (father), Tahiti Joe Sr. said “Keiki Kane”(son), if you want to make it in the hot sauce biz, you have to puhi(burn) the competition”. With that in mind (what’s left of it), Tahiti Joe set sail to the islands to ravage the “killer Habanero patch”. Taking no chances with the killer Habs and their painful resins, Tahiti Joe puts on a mask, surgical gloves, and two x-large condoms, (have to protect the family jewels you know). Tahiti Joe sneaks in, in broad day light and it became an instant war. The killer Habs put up a great fight, but are no match for the «Kahuna of Hot Sauces”. He escapes on his getaway outrigger while being belted by crushed tomatoes, (get the connection?), that’s how tomatoes got in the sauce. Kumawanakilya will take the pain away for good.

 P.S. Banned by all proctologists.

P.S.S. If Kumawanakilya doesn’t get you in the beginning, it will get you, in “the end”.


Additional information


Tahiti Joe's


United States

Pepper Type

Habanero, Jalapeño


Very hot

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